Please see the exciting story from Rjukan. It all started after Norsk Hydro was established in the early 1900’s.


The beginning

Norsk Hydro was established by Samuel “Sam” Eyde in 1905 at Notodden, in 1907 it was decided to build factories at Rjukan. This was the springboard to the rest of the story at Rjukan.


Rjukanmaskiner was established

Rjukanmaskiner was established as a daughter company of Norsk Hydro. The company produced (among other things) forklifts.


Norsk Hydro Verksteder

Rjukanmaskiner changed name to Norsk Hydro Verksteder (NHVR). The valve remote control production started to the ship industry.


Skarpenord Control Systems

The business was transferred to Erik Rødser. Skarpenord Control Systems AS was established. The same year Skarpenord Shanghai Service station was established together with Skarpenord Langesund (now Krohne).


Scana Skarpenord

Scana Industrier takes over Skarpenord Control Systems and changes the name to Scana Skarpenord.


Joint Venture in Korea

The global financial crisis creates difficulties for several of the company’s businesses. Restructuring is necessary, and several companies are either sold or closed. Scana’s turnover still reaches NOK 2.9 billion, after high activity within all the group’s business areas.


Steady revenue

The yearly revenue has passed 100 MNOK.


30 years

Scana Skarpenord celebrates 30 years.
(Photo from the old days)


Increasing yearly revenue

Restructuring of the business internally. Yearly revenue 135 MNOK. More than 70 employees. Scana Skarpenord continues the steady work and has major orders for retrofit offshore and new sales for marine vessels.



The company changed name from Scana Skarpenord AS to Skarpenord AS. The administration moved to new and modern office facilities.


New location in Norway

Skarpenord established a new location in the west coast of Norway. Sales, project and technical departments are seated at Husnes, Kvinnherad.