Investing in a new ballast water treatment system?

Quality valves, actuators and controls are just as important as the treatment system itself if you want reliable and compliant ballast water management.

Transfer of invasive marine species into new environments via ships’ ballast water is a significant environmental threat to the ocean. To prevent such transfers, the IMO Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention requires all ships of 400 GT and above trading internationally to manage their ballast water and sediments to certain standards and maintain a ship-specific ballast water management plan. But eager to fulfil the convention, many ship owners forget vital valve components when ordering ballast water treatment system (BWTS) for their new or existing vessels.

Many turn to quick fixes

“We know of many cases where vessels arrive at the shipyards to install a new BWTS, only to find out that the valves and actuators needed for integration with the onboard ballast water system are missing. It’s a bit like getting a new sink but forgetting to buy the necessary pipe fittings. The solution is often a quick-fix during the yard stay, where short delivery time – not quality or compatibility with existing systems – becomes the decisive factor in purchasing the missing valve components,” says Bjørn Erik Eliassen, Sales Director in Skarpenord AS.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of valve control systems for the shipping and offshore industries, Skarpenord is prepared to assist you in getting your new ballast water treatment system on track.

“With our well proven technology, delivered to more than 2.500 vessels and installations worldwide, we ensure that your BWTS gets equipped with the same quality valve components as your existing Skarpenord ballast water system.  This safeguards the durability, reliability and compatibility of the entire ballast system, as well as full compliance with the BMW Convention,” Eliassen highlights.

We are here for you

Bjørn Erik Eliassen

Skarpenord can deliver the actuators and valves necessary to guide the ballast water in and out of the treatment system and can adapt the retrofit to existing control system or deliver a separate control. The company can also check and possibly upgrade the capacity of the existing hydraulic supply on board to comply with extra valves/actuators.

When the existing ballast system is originally delivered by Skarpenord, the company can also modify the solenoid valve centrals. If the existing system is another brand, Skarpenord can deliver an independent separate new solenoid valve control cabinet/rack.

“We are here for our customers, ready to use our expertise and experience to assist you in your effort for a cleaner ocean,” Eliassen says.

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