On track with your ballast water treatment system?

The BWM Convention entered into force in September 2017. Under the Convention, all ships in international traffic are required to manage their ballast water and sediments to a certain standard, according to a ship-specific ballast water management plan.

As one of the largest suppliers of ballast and cargo valve control systems, Skarpenord is prepared to assist.

Why Skarpenord?

  • We can deliver the necessary actuators and valves for re-building of the existing ballast water system to be guided in – and out of the Ballast Water Treatment System. (BWTS)
  • We can modify the solenoid valve centrals when the existing system is originally delivered by us.
  • If the existing system is by another brand, we can deliver an independent separate new solenoid valve control cabinet/rack.
  • We can adapt to existing control system or deliver a separate control
  • We can check and possibly upgrade the capacity of the existing hydraulic supply to comply with extra valves/actuators.


T +47 35 09 18 00 (aftersales)
E spares@skarpenord.no

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